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Enquire CRM, Marketing Automation and Contact Center aim to be an extension of your team. Enquire integrates seamlessly with your business systems and processes to increase admissions, gain better data and create an exceptional experience for your customers. Benefits include:

  • Increased Occupancy
  • Decreased Administrative Costs
  • Reduced Workload
  • Consistent Service
  • Transparent Data
  • Customized Reports

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Client testimonials

As part of the new strategy for Covenant Retirement Communities' sales and marketing teams, we saw a need for an innovative CRM and inquiry-capturing platform to help us better meet the needs of our customers. We were really impressed by Enquire Solutions' expanding market position, visionary CRM approach and dedicated call center.

Fran Palma
Senior Vice President at Covenant Retirement

Moving to Enquire Solutions is an exciting step for Stellar Senior Living. Enquire’s ability to customize has allowed us to integrate our company-specific sales process into their system. Additionally, the Enquire platform will communicate with our business intelligence software and integrate with an email automation platform that we plan to roll out. Enquire is truly ‘cutting-edge’ when it comes to evolution in this space.

Aaron C. Benton
Principal and Co-Founder at Stellar Senior Living

First and foremost, choosing to work with Enquire has been the best decision. We see a lot more consistency in getting phones answered, documentation and all the necessary aspects of sales we were missing. The unique staff structure in our buildings requires our managers to wear a lot of hats and unfortunately at times answering the phone every time it rings takes a back seat. Enquire allowed us to be more professional and stay on top of the fast-paced senior living world inside our buildings. We look to Enquire as an extension of our team.

Rufino Lorenzo
Director of Marketing at White Pine Senior Living

Enquire CRM is very user-friendly, especially for sales. It’s easy to access the data we need to make good sales decisions. It’s easy to determine where we need more training, where we could be more effective, and what activities we need to put more energy into to get the right results. Customization is key. We tried other systems and none of them put the time and effort into our problem. Enquire CRM cared enough to work with us to find the solution that we needed.

Pat Cokingtin
Senior Vice President at Americare

Elmcroft is very excited about our partnership with Enquire Solutions. We reviewed a lot of potential new CRMS and were very impressed with the functionality of the system and its ability to adapt to meet our company's specific needs. The entire Enquire Solutions team has been fantastic to work with and I am confident this new tool will give us the increased visibility we need into important metrics that drive our occupancy.

Melissa Owens
Vice President at Elmcroft Senior Living

As our industry becomes more data driven and more competitive, CRM’s play an increasingly important role in sales and marketing. We started our search for a new CRM when it became clear that the product we’d been using for nearly 15 years was simply not capable of providing the data that our C-suite and Board of Directors required… In the six months since our switch to Enquire CRM, we continue to be impressed with the product, reporting, customer service and the consistent upgrades and attention to detail.

Nancy Jones
Vice President at BHI Senior Living

We compared Enquire with various other CRM solutions and ultimately chose EnquireCRM because of the synergies in the product's offerings and our marketing system. Enquire was able to take technology and marry it with our sales philosophy and metrics. It provided an easy means to complete sales activity, as well as track and measure results, ultimately reinforcing our mission as an organization.

Gretchen Vakiener
Vice President at Heritage Senior Living

As our growth continues, it’s very important that we choose an innovative CRM that can accommodate evolution in our industry and our organization. As we set to launch additional communities, maintaining sales and customer service are our top priorities. With Enquire Solutions, we can provide better service and gain insight into our business. The system helps us analyze start-up communities and future project pipelines, which is crucial for resource strategizing and allocation.

Amy Vittitow
Senior Vice President at Civitas Senior Living

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