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Senior Living Technology: Investing For The Future

As the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic took place, so did the rise in technologies in the context of senior living. Although this shift wasn’t much of a surprise given the much-needed demand for connectivity among isolated residents during the peak of COVID-19 pandemic, but what surprised many was the planning for the unknown and the rise of new tech-related roles.

The shift has paved the way for three new trends:

  1. Personalization and data would be used to enhance occupancy.
  2. Staffing shortage is likely to continue for a while.
  3. Business Intelligence (BI) will be leveraged to determine pricing

Personalization and data would be used to enhanced occupancy

Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) can be used to increase marketing outreach and add personalization in email campaigns, social media posts, webinars, etc. to reach more customers. For instance, MAP can be used to track user behavior, past spending history, preferences, etc. These insights can then be leveraged to create and personalize email campaigns and suggest recommendations.

For instance, you can utilize Enquire MAP to enhance census and occupancy while reaping the benefits of streamlined lead management and reporting. It can help you capture leads from different sources and automatically populate them into your CRM. This will help you emphasize on hot leads and true conversions and access data you require to make smarter decisions. If this is not all, you can stay connected with your existing and potential customers on different communication channels via calendar syncing, custom alerts, email notifications, and text messaging.

MAP can also be used to create custom web forms that can be used on your website for events like webinars or conferences. It can also be used to encourage website visitors to turn into leads and customers by signing up for events, subscribing to your videos and newsletters, and taking health management plans.

Staffing shortage is likely to continue for a while

The COVID-19 pandemic almost brought the global economy to a standstill. Even today, there is a severe labor shortage across industry, and the senior living community is no exception. A staggering 96 percent of assisted living facilities were understaffed in September 2021.

Thankfully, technologies such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, MAP, and BI can be used to create awareness about the vacant jobs, identify the best candidates, and leverage intelligent insights to retain existing and attract potential candidates.

Moreover, these technologies can also be utilized to handle electronic medical records so existing staff can save valuable time, effort, and resources while accessing and updating health status. Furthermore, they can also be leveraged to cut down on the complexity and time of residents’ medication schedules while enabling a seamless family communication platform to facilitate secure, smooth, easy, and direct staff communication.

Business Intelligence (BI) will be leveraged to determine pricing

A combination of CRM platform, MAP and BI can go a long way to create personalized campaigns, automate repetitive tasks, create realistic customer profiles, and drive certain aspects of healthcare operations.

For instance, you can leverage mapping analytics via BI to discover who are your best customers and you can even apply geographic analysis techniques to find details about where to find more of them to better serve senior living communities, residents, and their loved ones.

BI can be used to create customer profiles to include vital information about the ideal customers of your organization and their past interactions with you. These profiles can include customer interests, pain points, demographic data, buying patterns, and more to help you find out how, when, and why your customers engage with your products and brand. It will help you create and nurture customized campaigns and offer personalized support. These insights can also be used to customize your content and answer questions and resolve issues quickly, which can result in a positive customer experience.

For instance, you can base customer profiles based on the motivation factor of customers:

  • Need-based: Customers who only buy what they require
  • Deal-based: Customers who are always happy to see some good for discounts and generally care most about price points
  • Impulsive: Emotionally driven customers who prefer to spend based on impulses and feelings
  • Loyal: Customers who always prefer your brand and don’t shy to make word-of-mouth recommendations for your brand and products or service

The list of advantages associated with Business Analytics doesn’t end here. You can even build trust and foster loyalty while keeping customer churn at bay by making your customers feel like your brand understands them and their pain points and can be the product or service provider that can help them. If you can manage to bring this trust factor in the limelight, your customers will stick around you and will even put some positive word-of-mouth recommendations to bring you more referrals from different referral sources.

To find out how you can reap the most of CRM, MAP, and BI to make the most out of trends seen in 2002 in the senior living space, please feel free to schedule a demo now.

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