LifestyleCX and Enquire CRM – Integration Meets Personalization

LifestyleCX® (LCX), an application and tool that helps collect rich prospect lifestyle data, is proud to announce their partnership and full integration with Enquire, the fastest growing CRM and call center solution in senior living and post-acute care.

Hartford,Conn., April 29, 2019 –

LifestyleCX, has partnered with Enquire to enhance data collection and personalize the customer experience by integrating their platforms.

LifestyleCX founded by Terri Sullivan and Brenda Limone, helps senior housing and care providers connect more deeply with prospects and learn more about their preferences, interests and lifestyles early in the sales process. Through experiential data collection, post-tour surveys and an easy-to-use application, providers gain valuable insights about their prospects and residents. A focus on personalization and data acquisition directly from the consumer makes this a game-changing solution. Terri Sullivan said, “We couldn’t ask for a better partner. Enquire’s mission aligns so well with ours.” A direct integration gives LifestyleCX and Enquire customers a leg up on their competition and a new way to engage more deeply with their customers. Building prospect and resident relationships is the key to a tailored selling approach and the LifestyleCX tagline embodies this approach: “Because knowing the little things means everything.”

With this new integration, Enquire and LifestyleCX work seamlessly together and new referrals in the LCX app are automatically pushed into Enquire CRM. The LCX app passes changes to existing referrals’ basic contact information including, notes, reasons for search, Lifestyle Snapshot, and interests. Some additional features are the “click to call,” “click to email,” and when a pre-tour, post-tour survey is completed the integration will populate “activities” in Enquire.

“With sales teams facing increased competition, having more personalized data about prospects with an integrated tool like LifestyleCX in the CRM is a distinct advantage. With this information at their fingertip’s sales teams can be much more efficient and effective,” said Erin Hayes, Enquire Chief Revenue Officer.

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About LifestyleCX and Enquire

LifestyleCX is a Connecticut-based company whose leadership has decades of experience in senior care, sales and technology and is dedicated to helping care providers deliver a more personalized customer experience through enhanced lifestyle data. They are a Connecticut Innovations portfolio company and proud alumnus of the Accelerator for Biosciences in Connecticut.

Enquire is the premier CRM, marketing automation and contact center solution provider in senior living and post-acute care. Headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Enquire serves senior living communities and healthcare facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Enquire’s vision is to improve the experience for prospects and family members through customer service centric products paired with cutting-edge technology and analytics.

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