Importance of Marketing Automation in Senior Living

Community networking, traditional marketing strategies, and good old-fashioned expertise have long remained the marketing staples in the senior care industry. As digital transformation takes hold in the new normal, automated sales funnels, online advertising campaigns, and digital initiatives have emerged as the frontrunners in today’s world.

According to National Association of Home Care and Hospice data published by Fox News in January 2021, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a 125 percent increase in the demand for in-home caregivers. Market trends suggest that more and more senior care organizations are now counting on marketing automation to increase visibility and drive target audience.

Marketing automation works by interpreting and analyzing every website visitor’s behavior and optimizing & empowering advertising campaigns to targeted audiences, residents, and communities that are most likely to convert.

Advantages Of Marketing Automation And CRM

It gives prospects exactly what and when they want it: As a customer-oriented senior care organization, you want the buyer and their loved ones to be in complete control. This is where a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and MAP (Marketing Automation Platform) come into the picture.

One of the best ways a senior living organization can leverage a marketing automation platform (MAP) is by leveraging the potential of automated email marketing. Using it, the senior living organization can send a series of emails to its customers or prospects automatically. It can make the use of autoresponders to schedule emails based on the interactions of its audience with the senior living organization. A marketing automation platform can also be utilized to create the perfect copy that resonates with the audience and inspires them to take action.

It is worthwhile to note here that CRM and marketing automation together provides a unified and holistic platform for teams of an organization to easily and seamlessly track and analyze customer activities and behavior. Furthermore, marketing automation tools can be leveraged to collect information on leads and convert them into profiles that can be used by CRM tools to manage interactions.

Most sales and marketing professionals are of the view that a solid CRM and marketing automation integration can do more than just increase productivity and minimize costs. However, there’s more to it than that! The right marketing automation and CRM combination can even help organizations reap the innumerable advantages of each tool’s individual capabilities to improve ways in which the organizations engage with their customers.

Prioritize Your Sales & Marketing Efforts: Combining CRM and marketing automation tools can help you effectively organize and streamline your senior living organization’s prospecting and customer retention activities. This can help your sales and marketing teams make the most out of newsletter emails, walk-through reminders, workflows, landing pages, contact lists, and so on.

If this is not all, combining CRM and marketing automation tools can help you better communicate with prospects, residents, and loved ones while also keeping a track of the marketing and sales outreach. For instance, the integration of CRM and marketing automation tools can help you find out when John or Rebecca have received the newsletters or automated birthday emails. This information can help your teams gain more advanced insights into the customer journeys.

Speak Consistently to Prospects and Customers: One of the other benefits of integrating CRM and marketing automation is that the combination helps ensure consistent messaging across the board. Usually, sales and marketing teams work at cross purposes (generally unintentionally) where they communicate with existing customers and prospects by appealing to different pain points or using a different verbiage. The integration of CRM and marketing automation platforms helps in increasing the organization’s visibility and targeted messaging to various audiences and individuals.

Guide Users Through the Customer Journey: The whole point of integrating a powerful marketing automation platform with your CRM is to help your sales and marketing teams guide potential and existing customers through the purchasing cycle and attract more leads to generate more revenue. When CRM and marketing automation platforms work with each other, your sales and marketing teams can better understand how customers engage with the brand, products, and services. These insights help them deliver more value, reach out to customers in better ways, and guide users through the customer journey.

Improve Data Hygiene: Much of what your sales and marketing teams try to achieve is heavily dependent on the overall health of your email lists. Sadly, most organizations struggle with data hygiene. However, integrating CRM and marketing automation helps you better input and monitor your data that lets you maintain quality data hygiene — and thus, make sure that your promotional messages are being received and opened.

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