A Guide to Essential Senior Living Software

Are you still relying on manual methods to manage all the moving parts at your senior living community? Ready to go digital? 

A wide range of senior living software is available that can benefit your business in many ways, including

    • Saving staff from tedious, routine tasks 
    • Allowing your team to devote more time to resident care and relationship building
    • Reducing errors in reporting and recordkeeping
    • Improving resident and family member satisfaction 

The good news is you won’t have to look far to find the tools that can take your community to the next level. Here are some of the most fundamental senior living software solutions for your community. 

Customer relationship management (CRM)

CRM software isn’t just for large companies with products to sell. Even if you’re just starting to lease a single senior living community, your CRM will be your go-to tool for attracting new residents and retaining current ones. 

An industry-specific platform like Enquire CRM empowers your sales and marketing teams to effectively grow your occupancy. It will give them insights into how leads interact with your website and what information they’re looking for, so they can personalize conversations and guide the decision-making process. This data is automatically captured, recorded, and available via customized dashboards, making it easier to report on sales performance.

Marketing automation

If you want to boost your marketing efforts, look no further than marketing automation software. Marketing automation tools enable your staff to improve campaigns, target specific audiences, and track progress toward marketing goals. 

Additionally, integrating your CRM with marketing automation software allows you to feed high-quality marketing contacts directly to the sales team and better prepare them to nurture those leads.

You can also use marketing automation after a resident moves in, to communicate both with them and with their families. Many providers found this an invaluable benefit during the early days of COVID-19, when facilities were shut down and people were desperate for news of their loved ones.

Electronic health and medical records (EHR/EMR)

Ease the burden on your staff and improve your recordkeeping with EHR and EMR solutions. These tools enable your staff to track all aspects of resident care — including health records, medications, and treatments. The information stays secure, yet your providers will have accurate, up-to-date health records at their fingertips. Using this type of software will also reduce insurance and billing errors.

Overall, adoption of EHR at senior living facilities has been slow. A CDC report released in March of last year found that only 26% of residential care communities used an EHR as of 2016 (the most recent year analyzed in the National Study of Long-Term Care Providers).

However, the trend may be picking up as care facilities struggle to maximize their profitability while minimizing costs. According to McKnights, “as providers are quickly beginning to realize, EHR adoption is the new price of admission to a world that demands seamless transitions and accurate diagnoses. To turn a phrase, a world where everyone — from clinicians, caregivers and residents to information technology companies themselves — are all on the same digital page.”

Property management

Managing the financial and documentation aspects of your business is a critical task that’s best not left to manual processes. 

Property management software like Yardi and RealPage can help you handle everything from accounting to maintenance to leasing. You can tap into analytics that better inform important business decisions, such as increasing occupancy and cutting costs. And you can provide a user-friendly platform to residents and families, so they can easily make payments and submit maintenance requests.

Staffing and scheduling

Hiring top talent and equipping them to succeed on the job is the key to keeping your residents happy and healthy. Workforce management software, like OnShift and Workforce, is designed to manage onboarding, time tracking, shift scheduling, and more so you can ensure sufficient staffing coverage while taking care of your employees. 

Community engagement

Community engagement software, such as the solution from Caremerge, provides a hub for managing event calendars, sharing announcements, and helping residents build relationships. It also allows you to create and send surveys, collecting feedback that will ultimately help you improve resident engagement and satisfaction.

You can also add family engagement software to help families keep in touch with loved ones and their caretakers. 

Having the right digital tools gives your business a competitive advantage. To learn more about Enquire’s senior living software solutions, schedule a demo or contact us today.

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