The Key to Successful Outreach: Account Management

Account management for senior living and post-acute outreach is a combination of knowing your market and understanding your competitors. It takes disciplined research, organization, execution, and persistence. Challenge your sales representatives to research market and organizational data to identify the most profitable referral sources. And don’t miss the Account Management Checklist to begin organizing your sales process! 

What’s the key to good account management?

Research. Good sales representatives research their accounts. This makes it easier to craft their messaging. Not only that, but they use their CRM as a tool to house data so you can leverage it when appropriate. Whether you are targeting physicians, churches, estate planners or community centers, ensure you have the data you need to be successful. For example, the latest CMS data should be integrated with your CRM so you can research referral patterns and put together a strategy to target physicians and practices that aren’t currently referring to you. We also suggest encouraging your team to use online resources like news articles, blogs, and social media.

Organization. They also segment their accounts into new and existing and by tier. For example, any referral source that refers more than X to you each year with a referral-to-admit rate of Y is a top A account. A source with fewer referrals or a lower referral-to-admit rate may be a C account. The account management checklist, available below, outlines how to use market data as a way to prospect for account management.

Execution.  Finally, they create a sequenced strategy for follow-up. This should consist of activities like calling with no voicemail, calling with a voicemail, social messaging, direct mail, and email. The sales team should use your CRM to understand the number of activities it takes to make a connection or get an appointment. Base your strategy on the client tier and type of source.

Persistence. Ongoing follow-up should be equally distributed between both new and existing accounts. For existing accounts, sales representatives should stay up to date on items they view as challenges so that they can be a trusted advisor. If potential referral sources aren’t responsive, then they aren’t seeing the value in what they’re presenting.

Remember, accounts hear the same messaging over and over. Differentiate yours to yield greater success. A good sales representative will spend the time to create messaging for each potential referral source based on what they see value in. For example, pay attention to the following questions and craft your message accordingly and for each individual account.

  • What’s going on in their world?
  • What challenges are they currently facing?
  • Where are gaps in their process?
  • What insights have you found that you can share?

Click below for the Account Management Checklist to begin organizing your sales process!

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