The Influence of Marketing Automation on the Senior Living Sales Cycle

Gaining a competitive advantage to drive your organization to success is imperative in the senior living industry. Overcoming redundant roadblocks such as long sales cycles, leaky sales funnels and limited insight into analytics are critical to improve occupancy. Organizations that are not able to solve these common challenges ultimately experience inflating cost-per-acquisition for net-new leads, net-new tours, and net-new residents. Senior living sales and marketing teams that successfully target and nurture warm leads have a leg up on competition. How is this accomplished? Marketing Automation.

Marketing automation’s influence on the sales cycle can be dramatic when utilized the correctly. According to Enquire 2018|2019 Annual Senior Housing and Post-Acute Sales and Marketing Benchmark Report, sales teams utilizing marketing automation see an increase of 25% in productivity and a 21% decrease in sales cycle length. Automating emails, landing page creation, web forms, workflows, call tracking and social media scheduling lightens the amount of manual workload for sales teams, allowing them to provide leads the 1:1 time each demands and deserves.

Additionally, decrease the sales cycle by ensuring sales and marketing teams have a detailed and reliable source of truth to reference throughout the lengthy process. Tracking website visitors and automatically creating lead profiles at the time of each visitor’s initial digital interaction can decrease the sales cycle. Knowing more about each lead through every digital engagement helps to not only deanonymize your leads, but also learn about the interests of the visitor so that future communications can be personalized.

Sales Cycle Touchpoints

It is no secret that the journey from initial inquiry to move in is a lengthy one. In 2018, the average length of time (in days) for individuals from inquiry to tour and the average length of time (in days) from inquiry to move in are separated by care level, as follows:

Memory Care:

  • 32 days from inquiry to tour
  • 126 days from inquiry to move in

Assisted Living:

  • 40 days from inquiry to tour
  • 101 days from inquiry to move in

Independent Living:

  • 55 days from inquiry to tour
  • 155 days from inquiry to move in

During this lengthy span, leads fluctuate between various states of interest. Keeping prospective residents genuinely engaged throughout this time is challenging. Therefore, reducing the sales cycle wherever possible is necessary to surpass occupancy goals. As communities take a step back to strategically reduce the length of time between move ins, questions likely to be raised may include:

  1. How often, and for how long, should the sales team schedule outreach with prospective residents?
  2. What lead behaviors signal interest beyond merely filling out a website form?

Marketing automation provides insights and answers for each question.

How? Upon collecting visitor online behavior data, automation pushes notifications to teams in real-time. These real-time notifications are based on various triggers which are customized to the sales and marketing processes within a senior living organization. Notifications and triggers that specifically help teams shorten the sales cycle include:

  • Downloading a gated content asset
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • RSVPing to upcoming events
  • Clicking to specific pages on your website
  • Opening and/or clicking on an email

Contrary to operating from instincts, hunches and “gut feelings” sales professionals can leverage the metrics automation provides to inform the various touchpoints in the senior living sales cycle. An investment in marketing automaton can provide the coverage needed to stay top-of-mind with prospects to capitalize on sales efforts and ultimately, shorten the sales cycle.

After reading about the influence of marketing automation on the sales cycle, consider downloading The Guide to Modern Marketing Automation for Senior Living written in collaboration between Enquire and Linkmedia 360 to learn how to leverage automation to achieve your business goals.

For questions regarding marketing automation or CRM platforms, please contact Delaine Blazek, Enquire VP of Sales, Senior Living.

If questions arise about integrating marketing automation and CRM platforms with analytics, contact Linkmedia 360.

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