Social Media Marketing for Senior Living Communities: Tips to Get Started

If you aren’t incorporating social media into your marketing strategy, now’s the time to start. The demographics your community is most interested in — those 55 and up — are taking the internet by storm.

There are currently 39 million people aged 65 and older using Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. And, when it comes to their online presence, the Silent Generation is not so silent: adults age 74 and older are the fastest-growing demographic across most social networks (on Twitter, it’s 55-to-64 year-olds).

Of ASHA’s top 25 senior living providers, 96% are on Facebook and 72% are on Twitter. Are you? If not, here’s how to get started.

Get organized

Social media marketing is not something that can be done halfway. It needs to be organized by big-picture thinking and grounded in daily dedication.

Be strategic

Devise a social media strategy tied to your broader community goals. Start with the fundamentals:

  • Who do you want to reach through your social media efforts?
  • What do you want to tell them once you get their attention?
  • What actions would you like them to take?
  • What is your social media voice and how does it tie to your community brand?

Do your research

Once you’ve answered these questions, start gathering info on your ideal social media target. Survey your current residents and find out where they spend their social media time.

  • What platforms do they use?
  • When are they most active?
  • What kind of media are they most drawn to?

Tailor your activities to their proclivities.

Use content to educate and engage

Content is to social media marketing as residents are to your community. Both are the lifeblood, and without them, all your efforts are wasted.

Provide value

Not just any content will do: you must provide value, every day. The goal of all your social media interactions — from the powerful blog post to the daily tweet — is to engage and educate.

Plan ahead

Social media is a 24/7 game. Create content well in advance and plan how you’ll reach out in meaningful ways to your networks.

Don’t forget to double-check your information. An event listed without a location or a tweet with a broken link can lose you leads.

Keep the social in social media

You can’t grow your social media presence without reaching out to others. Be sure your online communication is a two-way street. Don’t simply post your valuable content and run. Stick around to retweet interesting articles and info about senior living or follow new industry sources. Respond promptly and kindly to all feedback or questions that come in on your feeds.

Do you make the grade when it comes to online marketing? Check out our Senior Living Sales and Marketing Report Card.

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