Significance Of Marketing Automation In A Senior Living Environment

In the senior care industry, the concepts of good old-fashioned expertise, community networking, and traditional marketing strategies have long remained successful. In today’s new normal, their places have been rightly occupied by digital initiatives, online marketing campaigns, and automated sales funnels.

National Association of Home Care and Hospice data reveals that there was a massive 125 percent increase in the demand for in-home caregivers last year. Other market trends also suggest that a significant majority of senior care organizations are now placing their trust on marketing automation with an objective of increasing brand visibility and driving target audience.

One of the best things about marketing automation is that it interprets and analyzes website visitor behavior and thereafter optimizes and empowers marketing campaigns to target residents, communities, and audiences that are most likely to convert.

Benefits of Marketing Automation and CRM Platform

Empowers prospects with what they need and expect: Senior living organizations, just like every other organization on the face of the earth, expect buyers and their loved ones to be in complete control throughout the patient (customer) journey. This is exactly where a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and MAP (Marketing Automation Platform) come into the fray.

Today, senior living organizations are placing their trust on MAP to leverage the potential and innumerable advantages of email marketing. Using Marketing Automation Platforms, senior living organizations can easily send emails to its prospects or customers with just a few clicks. Furthermore, they can utilize autoresponders to quickly schedule emails that are based on customer interactions. A Marketing Automation Platform can help senior living organizations create perfect copies resonating with the target audience and inspire them to take the next course of action.

Together, CRM and marketing automation offer a holistic and 360-degree platform for organizational teams to seamlessly and swiftly track, interpret, and analyze customer behavior and activities. Moreover, marketing automation tools can be utilized to gather information, data, and insights on leads. The leads can then be easily converted into profiles that are capable of being leveraged by CRM tools with a vision to manage customer interactions.

It is worthwhile to note that a majority of marketing and sales professionals believe that a seamless marketing automation and CRM integration goes a long way to reduce costs and improve productivity. The good thing is that there’s more to it! A blend of CRM and marketing automation can assist and guide senior living organizations to reap the benefits of each tool’s individual (as well as collective) capabilities with an overall purpose to engage better with customers.

Prioritize Your Sales & Marketing Efforts: A blend of CRM and marketing automation tools help senior living organizations efficiently streamline and organize their customer retention and prospecting initiatives. It can also guide the marketing and sales teams to make the most out of walk-through reminders, landing pages, contact lists, workflows, newsletters, and so on.

Furthermore, CRM and marketing automation tools are also useful to communicate better with residents, prospects, and their loved ones while keeping a close check on the sales and marketing outreach. For example, seamless and smooth integration of CRM and marketing automation can help a senior living organization whether a specific resident has received the newsletters or automated birthday emails. These insights thus help teams access deep and advanced insights into customer journeys.

Create and nurture bonds with Prospects & Customers: The integration of CRM and marketing automation is also useful to make sure that consistent messaging is prevalent throughout the board. Generally, marketing and sales teams tend to work at cross purposes (usually unintentionally) where they engage with customers and prospects and appeal to them according to a different verbiage or pain points. The integration of CRM and marketing automation helps senior living organizations improve brand awareness, recognition, and acceptability.

Guide Users Throughout the Customer Journey: The basic concept behind the integration of MAP and CRM is to guide your marketing and sales teams to empower existing customers throughout the purchase cycle while attracting more qualified leads to generate more revenue and ROI. The integration of MAP and CRM helps these teams understand and engage with customers better, deliver more value, and enrich & empower customers throughout the customer journey.

Improve Data Hygiene: The overall health of your email lists is a crucial determinant of what, how, and when your teams can achieve with customer data. Unfortunately, data hygiene is one of the biggest challenges for a majority of organizations. Thankfully, the integration of CRM and marketing automation can help your senior living organization efficiently store, access, and share up-to-date, relevant, and error-free data.

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