Senior Living Inquiry Call

In the competitive Senior Housing market, the inquiry call is a potential resident, patient, or family member’s first impression of you. It’s very important to make the most of this initial call. 

Your team should follow a clear process for each call to ensure they get all of the information necessary to conduct the sale. Use the Inquiry Call Checklist with your sales representatives to help them consistently gain a deeper understanding of potential clients and their needs.

The inquiry call is the first time your organization will speak with your potential customer or an influencer of your potential customer. That’s why this call, whether it’s taken immediately or in follow-up to a web submission, is extremely important. There are four main parts of this call: opening, discovery, offering resources and examples, and closing.


Your opening should be friendly and build rapport with your prospect. From this you should start to gauge their interest in your organization. Use transition questions that will give you additional insight into their situation. Most sales processes recommend asking thoughtful questions that allow the prospect to open up to you. If they’re reluctant, tell them that you want to understand their situation to ensure that your organization would be a good fit.


Discovery allows you to craft questions to understand the prospect’s situation. This allows you to formulate solutions you can offer. Once you have information about their pain points and concerns, use storytelling and examples to help them connect with your organization. Discovery will differ for each organization based on the sales training and methodology. Use discovery to understand your prospect’s needs, wants, and concerns. You should also try to uncover things like time frame, budget, and key decision makers.


Frame your role as the expert and build trust by offering to be a resource during their search. Provide content that will help them during their buyer’s journey. Offer to send them articles and checklists that have helped others during this process. Also let them know you’re very familiar with other organizations so you can offer recommendations should they need to look in a different direction.


The main point of the close is to secure a next step, whether it’s an on-site presentation or a follow-up phone call. The goal is to get them to commit to a follow-up date and time. Try asking if they have their calendar in front of them.

To ensure your team is consistently covering the four main components of the inquiry call, distribute a clear call process to your sales representatives, like the Inquiry Call Checklist below.

Inquiry Call Checklist

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