Senior Living And Technology To Create A Competitive Edge


Senior Living And Technology To Create A Competitive Edge

In the last few years, the world has been blessed with continuous technological innovations that have assisted to make everyone’s life more convenient and easier than ever. From high-tech Tesla cars to Apple watches that track your fitness, everyone is appreciating modern technology. But for seniors, technological innovations are often the underlying difference between mobility and being bedridden.

Let us read about the benefits of technology for senior living communities.

How Does Technology Help Senior Living Communities?

Today, technology is assisting senior living communities with memory care, senior assisted living facilities, and other retirement homes to make life safer, easier, convenient, and happier for seniors. Technology can help seniors with medication management and tracking of health and fitness biometrics like blood pressure, dietary needs, and blood sugar level. It is also helping the elderly to live independently and access immediate response to emergencies. Moreover, it is also assisting seniors with mobility issues so they can live life to the fullest.

One of the best things about today’s senior living environment is that the generation of people coming into senior living spaces are more tech-savvy than previous generations and they are utilizing multiple marketing channels in order to decide where they want to move/live. For instance, the elderly can have a word with a provider of healthcare services or senior assisted living facility through Facebook, Instagram, or even LinkedIn.

How Technology Is Transforming Senior Living?

Technology can improve the care experience for residents, families, and staff in countless ways. For example, residents can easily connect with their family and loved ones with the help of content-rich and interactive programs that are delivered to them via touchscreen tablets. Also, residents can explore weather reports, community messaging, video chats, medication reminders, personal calendars, personal contacts, and photos through technology. In other words, technology can stimulate the cognition, memory, focus, and concentration of the elderly while also improving their quality of life and offering entertainment in varied ways.

Similarly, healthcare providers and organizations can leverage technology to adapt fitness programs to individual capabilities, especially after rehabilitation. Workouts and fitness regimens can be personalized according to the individual requirements and capabilities of the seniors. Technology can dramatically improve the overall wellness and safety quotients of residents. Telemedicine visits between remote doctors and resident patients, direct care with telehealth monitoring of health conditions, and improved analytics of sensor-based data can also be utilized and complemented with personalized, predictive care and safety reporting to ensure resident safety and privacy.

Benefits Of Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) For Senior Assisted Living Facilities

Senior living software such as Enquire Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) can help a senior assisted living facility nurture early-stage leads like never before. It can also be used to keep your existing and potential customers stay engaged with your brand while gently advancing them to sales conversations. The Enquire Marketing Automation Platform can also be leveraged by your sales team to emphasize on sales-qualified prospects so that not even a single “not ready yet” lead falls through the cracks.

Enquire Marketing Automation Platform can also be utilized to ensure that lead scoring happens in the best possible way. Thus, MAP helps you identify the best prospects for your healthcare organization so it becomes easier for you to identify and convert them without spending countless hours on cold calls and marketing. If this is not all, you can even leverage the Enquire Marketing Automation Platform to associate every call-to-action to a follow-up workflow. For instance, a strategic email workflow can be automatically stimulated every time a brochure is downloaded by a prospect.

Furthermore, you can use the Enquire Marketing Automation Platform to offer out-of-the-box marketing automation capabilities to personalize your sales and marketing emails and messages. You can even explore a wide range of options such as email automation, CRM integration, call recording, roll-up reports, clone campaigns, and appointment scheduling. Also, you can get all incoming and outgoing calls recorded, transcribed, and posted to your CRM automatically. The Enquire Marketing Automation Platform also offers you the opportunity of utilizing online form builders so that your healthcare organization can automatically handle responses 24/7/365. You can even leverage the Enquire Marketing Automation Platform to build out engaging drip campaigns so repetitive marketing and sales sequences can be efficiently handled. Moreover, you can even build out perfect landing pages for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

You can even explore the Enquire Contact Center to gain a distinctive competitive edge in the growing senior living space because it gives communities the ability to help seniors navigate to the community for tours and visits.

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