How To Cut Down On Costs & Maximize Revenue In Hospice


How To Cut Down On Costs & Maximize Revenue In Hospice

Today, hospice agencies are better positioned than ever to leverage state-of-the-art technologies to create new efficiencies, assist communication, and enhance responsiveness and the quality of care to patient and family requirements. Technologies such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform and MAP (Marketing Automation Platform) are gradually changing and streamlining the way hospice care is delivered to patients across the world.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, hospice staff members faced new hurdles that could only be efficiently solved with the use of technology such as CRM and MAP. On one side of the equation, caregivers, patients, residents, and families were hesitant to get exposed to visitors who may be unknowingly carrying the virus. On the other side, the restrictions and lockdowns created problems. However, patients must be attended to regularly as per the hospice protocols. This is where CRM and MAP come into the picture.

For instance, the Enquire CRM  platform and Enquire MAP  are characterized by a high degree of interoperability. In other words, they facilitate a smooth and seamless synchronization between health information systems to work across and within different departments to advance an uninterrupted delivery of healthcare for communities and individuals.

Let us read more about the benefits of the unmatched interoperability offered by Enquire CRM platform and Enquire MAP and how they can help your hospice agency.

Informed decision making

One of the biggest advantages of Enquire CRM  platform and Enquire MAP  is that they facilitate greater levels of advanced access to patient data in real-time. Timely access to the medical history of patients, including but not limited to allergies, procedures, and medications can help health caregivers avoid errors and duplication of work while optimizing patient outcomes.

In addition to these advantages, your hospice agency can leverage Enquire BI (Business Intelligence) to notice a significant improvement in the quality and quantity of referrals. It will also help you better understand and serve the needs of your esteemed customers (what, how, and when they want your products and services, what are their pain points, etc.). This will also help you create personalized email campaigns and connect on a one-to-one basis to create and nurture a better and stronger bond with your target audience.

You can even use these insights to send more engaging, unique, and converting emails to your leads and prospects for creating better awareness about your brand and its offered products and services. If this is not all, you can easily track user behavior and identify which are the most converting emails and which emails need a revamp.

This will improve your hospice agency’s patience acquisition rate and give more wings to your community outreach, brand equity, and online visibility so you can reach more members of your target audience. Not only this it can also help you formulate your hospice agency’s content marketing strategies to establish yourself as an experienced and successful authority. It will also help you appear higher on search engine result pages and seen more by prospective families and their families. You can even track your hospice agency’s website traffic, conversion rates, click-through rates, and lead generation to make sure that you are on the right path.

Efficient patient care

The pandemic left a huge strain on the limited resources that were available with hospice agencies. Therefore, there was a growing and urgent need for better connected and out-of-the-box healthcare systems in every facility to provide significant relief to patients and census. Thanks to the unmatched interoperability offered by Enquire CRM and MAP, hospice agencies can quickly improve the standards and quality of patient care and treatment options without putting a burden on their scarce resources.

Because of the interoperability advantage, healthcare professionals can also be in a better position than ever to fill in the gaps if the patient is not able to communicate properly without the medical professionals spending precious minutes to call GP practices or other services. Moreover, clinicians can also spend more time in treating patients as Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) extracts and presenting patient data in existing systems.

At Enquire, we are at the heart of innovation and our Enquire CRM (platform and Enquire MAP are leading the way for future’s interoperability standards. Our wide range of core products and services can be customized and deployed at scale and pace based on the specific requirements of your hospice agency. Furthermore, you can leverage Enquire CRM  platform and Enquire MAP  that are underpinned by our unmatched support and interoperability expertise that helps you save invaluable time, effort, and resources.

Schedule a demo now and find out how you can reap the innumerable advantages of Enquire CRM platform and Enquire MAP  to efficiently connect to health and social care data.

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