How Implementing MAP Can Improve Census


How Implementing MAP Can Improve Census

In today’s tech-savvy world, automation is vital to create a lean and efficient department. It is no longer a luxury. This is the primary reason why more organizations across the world are embracing the concept of a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP). The reasons can be endless, from creating social posts to tracking user behavior, and from improving the process of lead generation to creating personalized campaigns.

Let us have a quick look at some benefits of marketing automation to gain a clear and complete understanding.

Marketing Automation allows you to:

  • Generate and nurture leads
  • Refine the marketing process
  • Customize software for your requirements
  • Access better, latest, and value-driven data for smarter decisions
  • Personalize customer journey
  • Save valuable time, effort, and resources on marketing campaigns
  • Improve customer satisfaction, ROI, and overall growth

Reduces costs

Many small business owners feel that finding time and resources for marketing is one of their biggest challenges. The fact that as much as 22.9% of small business owners collect information in-person or manually over the phone instead of automating their process add to their woes.

This is simply because software can save time while also offering the much-needed resources to get more work done. In other words, a good software such as a MAP is like one resourceful, expert, and dedicated employee accomplishing what 50 employees can perform manually.

Nurtures relationships

MAP can also be used to create and nurture positive and mutually-beneficial relationships with customers. The regular in-flow of vital data in the context of daily customer activities can help you personalize and improve your interactions. At the same time, you can also deliver more purposeful and customer-centric communications to your customers to build solid relationships.

Tracks contacts

MAP can help you track the expectations, requirements, and preferences of different customers on different channels. You can use these insights to analyze, understand, and monitor the buying behavior and web activities of your existing and potential customers. If this is not all, you can even respond to and record all communication channels while delivering engaging, unique, and value-driven messages to your target audience.

Generates and nurture leads

Did you know that you can automate more than 75% of marketing activities with a powerful MAP? This can help you and your employees divert their attention to core activities of the business instead of spending countless hours in generating and nurturing promising and hot leads.

For instance, you can leverage MAP or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform in the segment of healthcare to access more patients, referrals, and census. If this is not all, you can even gain more website visitors into repeat customers and referral sources.

The Enquire MAP can also be used to create effective social media campaigns, email campaigns, and landing pages.

Irrespective of which automation platform you choose, you must always consider critical features to maximize value:

  • Email Marketing
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Sales & Marketing Automation
  • Internal and External Forms
  • CRM
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Invoicing and Checkout Forms
  • Lead Scoring
  • Mobile App and Texting
  • Appointment Scheduling

Better data for smarter decisions

Today, Big Data is one of the buzzwords in the world of information technology. However, not all organizations are efficient and proactive to collect and leverage this data in their marketing initiatives. A seamless MAP such as Enquire MAP  can facilitate understanding of Big Data to make things work for you. If this is not all, you can utilize the Enquire MAP  to forecast consumer attitude/reaction or gauge marketing campaigns.

Also, marketing automation tools can be leveraged to collect data that can also be forwarded to the sales team. All in all, marketing automation helps in obtaining and processing data of unique visitors to the right salesperson to set them up for success. The best thing is that marketing automation can lead to a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead and a 14.5% increase in sales productivity.

Furthermore, marketing automation tools can be used to send original, targeted, and exceptional content via email to existing and potential customers at the right time. Moreover, Enquire MAP can also help you map out your customer journey by building processes centered on the overall experience of the potential customers.

Harmony between sales and marketing teams

One of the biggest advantages of marketing automation platforms is that they bring sales and marketing on the “same page”. Sales and marketing automation can go a long way to promote quality of leads and automate the manual, conventional procedures like assigning and following up target leads. For instance, sales and marketing automation can bring in more patients, referrals, and census for healthcare organizations.

Want to know about how you can reap the innumerable advantages of a powerful marketing automation platform? Schedule a demo now!

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