How A Healthcare Marketing Automation Platform Improves Patient Engagement

In today’s new normal, organizations are investing heavily in the digital transformation of their processes and systems. Marketing Automation Platforms are playing a big role in the healthcare sector to automate a variety of tasks within organizations. They are also playing a crucial role in creating innovative marketing campaigns, aligning marketing and sales efforts, and boosting ROI and revenue. The best thing is that a MAP (Marketing Automation Platform) can also improve patient engagement and quality of leads and referrals. All you need is to integrate your MAP with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform.

Benefits Of A Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)

Let us have a close look at some of the biggest advantages of a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) alongside your CRM.

Improves Communication Quality

The integration of marketing automation with your CRM can help you significantly enhance the quality of leads and referrals. For instance, let us take the example of an organization that specializes in manufacturing medical equipment. Generally, closing a deal could take a few weeks or even months. During this waiting period, clients can get off the hook for different reasons. However, the integration of marketing automation with a CRM can help the organization figure out the possible reasons for a backout in advance along with strategies on how to attract and retain the clients.

This makes it easy for healthcare organizations to easily and quickly reach out to employers, patients, members, and other stakeholders based on their behavior throughout their journey. If this is not all, healthcare organizations can take advantage of a holistic, 360-degree view of the unique interests and interactions of customers across multiple communication channels.

Marketing automation can also help healthcare organizations provide more personalized, genuine, and human communication. While a cold email will be quickly forgiven, a personalized communication is more likely to tie together both the organizational objectives and a consumer’s healthcare journey.

Generates referral business

How do you create loyalty that encourages customers to advocate on your behalf? Loyalty takes a while and automating the process can help you save a lot of time, effort, and money. A marketing automation platform can help you communicate with prospects and patients through automated workflows, nurture the relationships of quality referral sources, and reallocating resources/time to the less-quality referral sources.

Tracks User Behavior

Marketing automation for CRM helps marketers understand who all are coming into healthcare facilities and how they are utilizing products and services. This information can be leveraged to better understand the individual needs of patients and referral sources. It can also be used to target the right audience based on what exactly they’re looking for in a healthcare facility.

Marketing automation for CRM is at the core of seamless, targeted, and streamlined communication as it can gather and analyze data to offer invaluable insights to patients long before they even realize their medical requirements. Today, marketers in the segment of healthcare are using marketing automation for CRM to reinforce the need of a patient to schedule an appointment or address specific symptoms.

One of the biggest advantages of marketing automation software for CRM is that it makes it possible to respond to questions even before they are asked. This helps patients better navigate their health concerns, symptoms, and challenges.

Improves Scalability

Marketing is all about figuring out successful patterns most of the times and once these patterns have been identified, it is about finding innovative ways to leverage them for your advantage. This is where marketing automation can help. Once the working pattern has been identified, you can identify the group of clients to which these patterns can be successfully applied.

Automates Physician Referrals

A combination of marketing automation and CRM can help you establish connection with other healthcare facilities and make it easy for doctors to refer patients to your healthcare organization.

Educates patients of the next step

Marketing automation and CRM can help patients access the right information at the right time and place. This can help in improving the overall patient experience. For instance, the details of the next appointment date can be sent after the first appointment to the patients, along with tips to manage their health condition. This information can be triggered automatically using pre-built automation workflows.

There is no denying the fact that patients and their loved ones have a lot on their minds. This means it is human to forget instructions and lose prescriptions. A seamless integration of Marketing automation and CRM can go a long way to improve the overall patient experience.

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