Enquire Solutions Named in Senior Living Executive Magazine

In the span of a decade, sales and marketing software has gone from a “when-we-can-afford-it” luxury to a “we-can’t-live-without-it” necessity for senior living providers. And that’s due in part to increased use of technology by prospective residents and their family members when they are searching for residences.

“They are well aware of today’s technologies and use them to do some of their legwork as it pertains to looking for a home for mom and dad,” says Mark Ellis, chief branding officer for Neenah, Wisconsin-based CRL Senior Living Communities. “We have to make sure we’re on the same technology wave-length as those consumers.”

It’s just as vital that senior living providers “have in place software systems and other resources that will allow us to not only gather and track data and information on potential move-ins, but also to save that information in a segregated place that can be accessed by anyone- with authorization, of course- within the community,” he adds.

Perhaps most importantly, sales and marketing software solutions that let providers make better, smarter decisions when it comes to the production and placement of marketing messages can have a big impact on the bottom line.

“Thirty years ago, all we had to consider [for those marketing messages] were the major TV networks and a couple of area newspapers and radio stations,” Ellis says. “Today, there’s Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter, and all sorts of other forms of media to consider, and no business or industry, regardless of size, can advertise in all of those places at all times. You’d go broke if you tried, and even if you could afford it, your message would be diluted.”

Investing in sales and marketing software “allows us to learn where that lead information is coming to us from and helps us to target smarter to deliver our message.”

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