Best Ways To Enhance Your Senior Living Occupancy

The senior living industry represents a diverse industry niche with a single unifying purpose across communities – increased occupancy. After all, it’s the concept of increased occupancy that propels and highlights the bottom-line of senior living organizations and keep them ahead of their counterparts. Now comes the big question – how to enhance your senior living occupancy? After all, times have dramatically changed in today’s normal now. Thankfully, a blend of MAP (Marketing Automation Platform), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and Contact Center can guide senior living organizations to maximize occupancy and lead the pack.

Let us explore the advantages of MAP (Marketing Automation Platform), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and Contact Center when it comes to enhancing senior living occupancy.

Efficient to retain current residents

It is commonly believed that the more prospects, the better. However, pursuing every prospect can mean serious loss of sales resources, finance, time, and efforts. Moreover, it can also lead to a high opportunity cost to win customers who may purchase but churn out quickly or don’t purchase at all. This is where a combination of MAP (Marketing Automation Platform), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and Contact Center comes into the fray to create and nurture brand awareness, recognition, and acceptability.

For instance, Enquire CRM can help you easily create promotional messages that resonate greatly with the target audience. The CRM can also help your organization with up-selling and cross-selling your products and services. The Enquire CRM can also help you clearly evaluate the right prospects for your organization and have an idea about their likes, dislikes, preferences, and requirements. If this is not all, it can even help you leverage historical, detailed customer data to create personalized, targeted campaigns.

Ideal to improve marketing outreach

Every marketing campaign should be ideally crafted with the target audience in mind. To reap the optimum benefits, it is best to utilize a combination of MAP (Marketing Automation Platform), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and Contact Center to create and nurture targeted campaigns. It is worthwhile to note here that a CRM is an invaluable source of information to learn about or target the audiences. Furthermore, it can help access insights like purchase behavior, customer preferences, job title, company size, geographical location, and so on. These insights can then be leveraged to enhance the outreach of promotional and marketing campaigns.

To develop hyper-personalized campaigns

Targeted and hyper-personalized campaigns can be developed using CRM software’s historical data. For instance, you can explore CRM software’s sales data to gain insights about residents, prospects, communities, and more. CRM data can also be leveraged when it comes to tracking lead sources (whether from cold calls, inbound sales, or free trails). This information can then be used to ascertain profitable communication and messaging channels.

To drive upselling

CRM data insights can be efficiently leveraged to attract, win, and retain customers. They can also be used to drive upselling and engagement with existing customers. A seamless CRM system helps organizations access and leverage the purchase history and critical KPIs related to sales. If you want to launch a new product/service, you can utilize these insights to find out which customers are more likely to convert.

Let us now explore the best ways to help your senior living organization make a sizeable impact.

  • Embrace the New Marketing Paradigm: In this COVID-19 era where the world has seen unimaginable changes, the level of prospect expectations has also seen a dramatic change. To stay profitable and valuable, senior living organizations need to embrace the new marketing paradigm. To make a noticeable impact, a senior living organization is required to remodel or redefine its facilities, services, and existence.
  • Emphasize on what matters the most: Today’s tech-savvy and informed customers don’t settle for anything but the best. Therefore, it becomes important to provide premium products and services to convey their unique selling proposition to the customers with an aim to improve occupancy rates. For instance, today’s customers prefer a Contact Center instead of a Call Center to engage with the brand. This is where MAP (Marketing Automation Platform), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and Contact Center comes into the picture. A MAP can reduce staff workload so staff members can concentrate more on resident relationship building, a CRM platform can enhance resident insights and track prospects, and a Contact Center can reduce staff workload by answering both live chats and phone calls.
  • Make experiences memorable and personal: Let’s take you decades back! Think about your favorite vacation. While you may not clearly remember the sophisticated bathrooms or the comfortable pillows, the extent and quality of guest services is more likely to stand out. Similarly, senior living organizations can impact the lives of residents, prospects, and their near and dear ones by making their experiences personal, delightful, and memorable.

Find out how senior living organization like yours can attract and retain more customers, gain more leads, automate repetitive tasks, and deliver personal and memorable experiences using the Enquire CRM. Schedule a demo now.

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