3 Ways To Increase Your Senior Living Occupancy

For an industry as diverse as the senior living industry, there is a single unifying purpose across every community – increased occupancy. After all, it is increased occupancy that propels the bottom-line of a senior living organization and keeps it ahead from peers. However, traditional methods to improve occupancy aren’t as effective now as they once used to be. Times have changed in today’s new normal and so must a senior living community’s operations and marketing. Thankfully, a combination of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), MAP (Marketing Automation Platform), and Contact Center can help a senior living organization lead the pack and maximize occupancy.

Let us first read about the benefits of a CRM, Marketing Automation, and Contact Center for your senior living organization.

Retaining current residents

Many organizations are of the view that the more prospects, the better. However, pursuing the wrong kinds of prospects can mean serious loss of time, sales resources, and cash. If this is not all, there is always a high opportunity cost to chase customers who would not make a purchase (or may purchase but churn out quickly). A CRM, Marketing Automation, and Contact Center can help you attract “valuable” and repeat customers. This is done by creating and nurturing brand acceptability, awareness, and recognition.

A CRM system like the Enquire CRM can help you create the promotional messages that resonate with your target audience. It can also help you with cross-selling or up-selling your organization’s products and services. It also helps you understand your target audience inside and out – what are their interests, who they are, what they want and expect, which are their preferred communication channels, and so on. Moreover, Enquire CRM can help you leverage all the detailed, historical customer data that you will need to create targeted and personalized campaigns.

Increasing marketing outreach

For a marketing campaign to be powerful, it should be crafted with a certain audience in mind. You can utilize a CRM and Marketing Automation Platform to easily create targeted campaigns. A CRM is a wealth of information when it comes to targeting or learning about your target audience. It can also be used to view invaluable insights such as customer preferences, buying habits, geographical location, job title, industry, company size, and so on.  You can use these insights to increase the outreach of your marketing and promotional campaigns.

Create targeted and hyper-personalized campaigns

Using historical data from your CRM software, you can easily create targeted, personalized campaigns. For instance, you can have a look at sales data in the CRM software to gather insights about communities, residents, and prospects. You can also leverage CRM data to track the source of leads (whether from free trails, cold calls, or inbound sales) and use this information to identify profitable messaging and communication channels.

Drive more upsells

The insights gained from CRM data can be leveraged to attract new customers, drive upsells, and enhance engagement with existing customers. This is simply because a seamless CRM system can help you access the purchase history of customers. When you are about to launch a new product or service, you can utilize this information to assess which existing customers (based on their profile) are more likely to be interested in the offering.

  1. Embrace the New Marketing Paradigm

In the last few years, the level of prospect expectations has seen a dramatic change. This also means that your senior living organization should embrace the new marketing paradigm of today as what worked a decade or two back would not necessarily connect and engage today. In other words, potential residents and their loved ones might like the way a remodeled senior living facility’s lobby appears in a set of facility images, but those images may not be able to drive move-ins today as in the past.

  1. Focus on What Matters Most

Today’s tech-savvy customers demand premium services and this makes it difficult at times for healthcare organizations to convey the unique selling proposition of their products and services to improve occupancy rates. For instance, today’s customers look for a Contact Center and not a Call Center so that they can engage with organizations on multiple channels such as phone calls, live chat, etc. This is where you should emphasize on a combination of CRM, Marketing Automation, and Contact Center. While a CRM platform will increase your resident insight and keep track of your prospects, a marketing automation platform will decrease staff workload to allow more time for hands on resident relationship building. Furthermore, a Contact Center can decrease staff workload by answering both the phone calls and live chats.

  1. Make the Experience Personal and Memorable

Think back about favorite vacation. May be that includes a four-star hotel that you and your loved ones booked for a weekend getaway. While you may remember the sophisticated bathrooms or the comfortable pillows, it’s ultimately the guest service that is likely to stand out the most to you. When someone conveys a genuine desire to help you, address you by your name, or greet you with a smile on their face, it leaves a positive imprint that somehow manages to stay with you, even months and years later. Likewise, you can make the experience of prospects, residents, and loved ones as satisfying as possible to win their trust and make their experience memorable.

Find out how your senior living organization can automate repetitive tasks, gain more leads, convert more prospects, and deliver more personalized experiences for your customers by using the Enquire CRM. Schedule a demo now.

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