12 Habits of High-Performing Senior Living Sales Representatives

High-performing sales representatives have certain habits in common. If your team isn’t doing the majority of the items below, it may be time to rethink your team and process. And don’t miss the Sales Representative Checklist, it is a great tool to begin developing positive habits on a daily, weekly and quarterly basis. 

  1. They read articles and books on their industry and sales and are consistently engaging in ongoing training for professional development.
  1. They respond to inquiries quickly and focus on converting them to an onsite visit. They are the first in the market to respond to web inquiries and referrals.
  1. They plan their day in advance and spend more than 55% of their time on revenue-generating activities. They are disciplined and do not get caught up in operational tasks.
  1. They don’t just “check in” with prospects and they have a clear strategy for follow-up. They design a cadence of steps for follow-up that they adhere to.
  1. They ask for small commitments and give “homework” to prospects (i.e. additional information, next meetings, trial stays) during the sales process to keep them engaged and invested.
  1. They target unpaid referral sources by performing outreach, thanking current sources and soliciting feedback.
  1. They are not afraid to ask for the sale. Likewise, they are also not afraid to walk away from a prospect. Their process has an end in sight for non-responders.
  1. They always ask for the next step during each meeting and don’t just check in. During each interaction the next step is scheduled and on the calendar.
  1. They gear their presentations to each and every prospect based on what is important to them and create value prior to discussing the cost.
  1. They listen to their prospects needs and connect with them. Their prospects view them as a trusted resource and not just their friend.
  1. They use their CRM as a tool and have a strategy for database management. They plan in the CRM each step in their process and consistently manage their pipeline.
  1. They look for creative ways to engage with prospects and referral sources and maximize facetime through home visits and appointments.

Sales Tool - Effective Pipeline Management

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