Customizable Hospice and Home Health Solutions


Our CRM, EnquireLEADS, was created for senior housing and healthcare organizations. The out of the box template is specific for these markets and can be customized to mimic each organizations terminology, sales processes and workflows.

  • Track outreach to accounts and referral sources including activity and expenses.
  • View data regarding referral sources including where they send referrals to better optimize your outreach efforts.
  • Integrate with your referring hospitals’ system (i.e. AllScripts, Curaspan, etc.) to receive referrals real-time without extra data entry and push admissions to your EMR system.

Call Centers

Our customized call center solutions ensure that every potential  client and their family members have an exceptional experience when searching for a home health or hospice solution. Our clients engage our call center to avoid potential leads going to voicemail and falling through the cracks during the sales process. Our team schedules visits for the client’s team for onsite assessments.

  • Customizable inquiry intake for hospice and home health to promptly handle calls and schedule assessments.
  • Your dedicated team can perform outbound follow-up and immediately call out to website inquiries and referrals. 

Online Chat

Online chat is one of the best ways to instantly communicate with potential residents and family members. Your dedicated team can answer all online chat inquiries real-time.

  • We offer a range of products for online chat depending on your business needs including options for advisors to call out to the inquiring party.
  • Your dedicated team is well equipped with all of the information about your services so that they can knowledgeably answer and resolve most questions during their conversation.

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CRM Features

User Friendly

Our intuitive user interface allows the sales team to work faster, smarter and more efficiently.

Customizable Fields

Don’t go with a CRM that forces you to use their terminology and set fields. Change any field label to your terminology and add a new field in less than 10 seconds!

Account Management

Manage your accounts and referral sources easily. Track outreach efforts, total referrals and admits and expenses for each.


Our customizable workflows automatically prompt users to complete the next step in your customized sales process or admissions checklist.


We have integrations with EMR and billing systems, referral systems (i.e. AllScripts and Curaspan) and many other related systems.

Referral Data

A database of pre-loaded referral sources with statistic regarding where accounts and sources refer patients.

Expense Reports

Track expenses for each account in the system and create expense reports easily with options to upload and store receipts.

Custom Reports

A fully customizable report system so you can create user, regional and executive centric dashboards and reports.