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About Us

Enquire Solutions is the fastest growing CRM and call center solution for the senior living industry.  We design and implement customized solutions that support your community’s onsite staff. By partnering with Enquire Solutions, your property will achieve high contact and conversion rates, as well as gain insight into the performance of your communities through customized reporting and business intelligence tools. Our company is built on innovation so our clients receive the most advanced database and marketing strategy in the industry. Our vision is to improve the experience for prospects and family members with our customer service centric products (i.e. call center solutions) and cutting-edge analytics to provide the executive team and management insight into the sales process and marketing efforts.

"Working for Enquire Solutions is amazing. I get to work with a team of professionals that all share the same value system. Enquire Solutions is definitely one of the finest platforms in the industry."

− Christine Williams, Community Advisor

"Enquire Solutions has been one of the best companies I’ve worked for! Not only do they dedicate themselves to helping seniors, but they also dedicate themselves to their employees. I appreciate them!"

− Chante Jones, Community Advisor

"Enquire Solutions is my home away from home! We are encouraged to talk about our emotions which is often frowned upon in other companies. Our team is creative and we are always finding new ways to inspire one another."

− Amy Dubenetsky, Community Advisor

"One of the many benefits of our collaborative open office set-up is that I am able to listen to our Community Advisors genuinely assist callers who are exploring senior housing options for themselves or their loved ones. Our Community Advisors, with their kind, empathetic demeanors, sound as if they have been friends with their callers for years. My getting to hear these calls is the best perk of my job!"

− Beth Finger, Director of Talent

"Being a part of the Enquire Solutions Team has been and continues to be a great opportunity to be a part of an innovative and caring company. The team work is exceptional and the opportunity to help others navigate the 'Senior Living Choices' is very rewarding."

− Jan Jones, Team Lead